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Q: How can I actually get rid of my anxiety? >>Q: I can’t afford this program is there anything you can do for me? >>Q: How is this different from therapy? >>Q: How do I stop taking on other people’s energy or attracting narcissists? >>Q: What’s different about your program versus other trainings? >>Q: I’ve tried other programs and didn’t get results, how do I know this will work? >>Q: Do I have to be good with technology? >>Q: I’m scared to make this decision. >>Q: If I enroll now, can I start later? >>Q: I’ve been doing “the work” for years and help others professionally, will this training still help me? >>

 "I was searching the ends of the earth for some kind of healing and finding knowledge but not results.

 Leslie helps you find the doors, flips the lights on, and is truly a sturdy guide with sight and insight. 

I can not stress enough her practicality, fearlessness and most of all gentleness in her approach. 

All women/people can and could be helped by her. "

Mother, Artist, Teacher

--- FAQs ---

We know Subtle Body Methods Work. 

I know you've been through a lot.
You've tried a gazillion programs, 
invested and then not gotten the results you've needed. 

This is different. 

I'm so confident that my methods work I offer an unprecendented Money Back Guarantee on our Body Wisdom Academy Program. 

If we both decide that you are a good fit for this type of work, and you go through our proven process and don't get results, I'll give you a FULL REFUND. 

There is no risk to you! That's how important it is for me that you get results. 

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You'll Notice We Do Things Differently Around Here....

There's a bit of a woo-woo plague in the healing and self-help industry where Goddess-sexy vibes and self-love manifestos can sometimes gloss over the need for  



Life-Changing Results

...like, as the Norm, not the one sparkley exception you see on social media.

We're a little bit obsessed, with measuring and tracking our client's progress and results.

We track metrics from over 31 categories over eight different life areas from 

Body and Intuition

to Finances

to Inner Peace and Purpose.

The Proof is in the Data. 

Results after Just 3 Months

Client's Results from our 3 Month

 Body Wisdom Academy 

Level 1 Certification Training